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There's a very nice area just north of Tauranga, Omokoroa.  There's also free overnight places to park.  This tree is in the park behind our spot, and this house would be quite nice to own don't you think?

   beach house at Omokoroa  and this cicada is only 2" long  weta

Seriously though, cicadas are quite hard to see up close and they're not really nasty things.  They make repetitive squeaking noise in the sunshine.  Lots of them can be almost deafening.

On to another 'new' find, Tanner's Point.  A busy boat ramp into the harbour gave us lots of people watching.  Lots of birdlife too, the owner of this trimaran is going to be livid when he comes back...   and a passing fisherman gave us this snapper.


Now, here's a swimming hole.   waitawheta waterfall new zealand 2010   Magic !

We've passed within 500 yards of this fall countless times and not seen it.  Turn off the main road through the Karangahaki Gorge, and there it is!

Now, those of you who know John well, know how he loves a bonfire.  Well, sometimes there has to be a compromise!  And I love a brulee


McLaren Falls lake McLaren Falls

The goose, we named Pavlova, very sweet and had to have been a ballerina in another life.

The black swans are also so balletic.  Did you know they have white wings?


Next, another new discovery for us - Jones Landing on Lake Arapuni.  Incredible rock formations, the pic on the left is a close-up of the left crag of the next pic.  Yes, there's a walkway up there.  Maybe next time, eh?

Jones Landing near Puketurua   

Fabulous Lake Arapuni, families having fun ... um, maybe too much sometimes ?  That's not a little tree (centre)  and this cone is on the top!


Back to Hamilton next, we've lost count of how many times we've been this year.  One trip was an expensive visit to the emergency dentist, worth every dollar though, but there's another appointment yet!!  Our new upholstery is on the way after a couple of years indecision, we found Andrew.  I do believe he is VERY good.  Just got the first pieces today ... how about that for matched cushions?

Upholstery by Andrew at the Cane Warehouse in Hamilton  

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