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After Christmas we took to the road again and quickly found ourselves on the east coast of the Coromandel again.  A new POP at Whangamata, delightful owners and a good laugh too!    Just look at this garden pond ......


  Very baby avocados

The avocados weren't ready so we were welcomed with grapefruit, lemon/orange crosses and  lemons straight from the tree, all delicious.

Whangamata Beach was VERY busy  Whangamata beach 1st January 2010 on New Years Day 2010

Simpson's Beach, just north of Whitianga next.  Just in time for a regatta followed by a great sunset

close sailing   sunset at Simpson's Beach

Next day new found friends Nick and Janine took us mussel hunting .... 

mussel booty       

   and the cooking lessons which, of course, got serious with the addition of the wine           

Simpson's has to be one of our most favourite spots.  Here are some more pics ...


After a return to Hahei, which has become almost too expensive now at $82 to return coupled with the fact that the local restaurant doesn't excite us now either ...  Oooh, we're really whinging poms aren't we?     We moved on to visit friends at Cook's Beach Holiday Resort  The campsite there is undergoing a complete do-up, it's going to be so good ...

Cooks Beach Campsite pool   Cooks Beach Holiday Resort  Cooks Beach campground new kitchen 2010

 Cooks Beach new laundry   Cooks Beach Holiday Park boat park  Cooks Beach campground dining area

Cooks Beach Holiday Resort pool         Cooks Beach Holiday Resort pool

   Lonely Bay  

This great multi-coloured fence is opposite the resort, would it be allowed in the UK?   Lonely Bay, some of the dots are people and new house construction, we are assured that the matchsticks are 4 x 2s.  Kind climate and frequent earthquakes make lightweight wood a good choice.

We returned to Broken Hills campground, one of our favourites, where we met Colin and Mary from Ipswich in their almost identical camper.  They also return to NZ every year. 

After swapping campsite recommendations we revisited the Wentworth camp.  The walk to the waterfall, once too arduous to contemplate, has been much improved by the council, including the addition of 2 bridges so we could stay dry.

Well, we didn't have to get wet!

Wentworth Falls John at Wentworth
Absolute Solar We had been having a bit of a problem with domestic power for a while.  The 'house' battery hadn't been able to cope with all we needed so we decided to visit Absolute Power Ltd.  We'd had a recommendation.  So, here we are having solar panels fitted, plus lots of other gubbins.

Now, I can use my computer anywhere, no electricity needed.  We can also charge up our cameras and other toys.  That is, so long as we get a bit of sunshine!

Steve at Absolute Power did a great job and we can certainly recommend him.

Thanks Steve, we can't believe how well everything is working now.  

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