The Giblings in New Zealand 2012 - 2013

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shed OK, so it's just a rusty shed but it's very typical of rural New Zealand

as are home-build campers, and

black swans in the sunrise.
Microlite towing a hang glider and buzzed by a hawk.  Very disconcerting for all I should think? 
driftwood eaglePlease excuse the smudges, I've got muck in my camera!!

Below and right;  Many beaches collect lots of driftwood that makes great piles to explore!

Yes, stuff that would sell for loads in the UK is firewood and art here.

Hokitika is one of the places that holds a competition.  Here are some of our favourite entries

Hokitika New Zealand
I do enjoy taking these pictures and I hope that you enjoy looking at them.  My camera, BTW, is a lowly Sony a200.  That a bottom of the range digital SLR tho I do have a DT 16-105 lens on it which cost twice as much as the camera!

But that's nothing to how seriously some people take their photography.   Actually, these guys turned out to be a Korean film crew making a TV adventure programme.

Did you ever wonder how they take those shots that look as though they have been taken from a helicopter, but there's no downdraught?

It's a flying camera.  Very exciting to watch.  Thank you guys and gals.
Flying camera
Lake Lyndon was a nice spot for a couple of days

Rock and mineral museum at Birdlings Flat.  What an amazing planet we live on.

This wonderful collection is owned and run by a dedicated rockhound family.

Birdlings Museum
Fish and chips arrive with a lovely smile at The Stables in Akaroa


This part of the Arthur's Pass road includes a rock shelter and a waterfall diversion so that water falls beyond the edge of the road.  It was just a dribble but usually quite a torrent we're told.

Even the horses in New Zealand are friendly and came right across their field to say hello.
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