The Giblings in New Zealand 2012 - 2013

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Christmas 2012

Christmas Day was another really good one, lots of parcels, food and fun.

Here is an example (right) of the practical jokes that friends play hereabouts!  While the owners were away for a couple of days their drainpipe donned a sock and a dumper truck parked on the roof.

Our 'Tantalus' (below right) is 6.5 metres long and quite large enough for me BTW, but we are weenie compared to some of the RVs over here.  Note the stone guards along the bottom of the windscreens; those screens cost a fortune and not all New Zealand roads are tar sealed.

Above and right; the road to Cape Palliser.  (That's the south-eastern corner of the North Island)  What hazards and entertainment shall we find?

slump   A slump turned out to be an active slip, which of course is an ongoing landslide.
Featherston Lake Reserve

Every conceivable form of habitation at Clifton Road Reserve, near Napier.  Spot the; caravan, bus (with chimney), cabover, bongo and homebuild, plus 4 satellite dishes, bikes, canoes and fishing rods.  Great people watching !
The settlement of Ngawi is all about fish, just fish! 

The road turns to dust here and runs for another 5 ks before ending at the lighthouse. 

The tractors, right, haul boats up and down a very steep, black sand beach.  Too windy for any action today though so all the local chaps were hanging about, bored, tinkering with, and kicking things.

Overnight at the Yacht Club before catching the ferry to the South Island.  We're always at home in a boatyard !!

South Island

On the right is Waikawa Bay in the Marlborough Sounds, near Picton.  The map of the area is below, right.
Blenheim Racecourse

Blenheim Racecourse, left, is a recognised POP for NZMCA members and a great place for entertainment.  Note how low the clouds in the background are; New Zealand, land of the long white cloud.

Every morning, the harness racers are out training and this time, we had the Police dogs too.

The most impressive bit was when the dog was told to leave the target, and did so instantly.
Police dog training
Rodeo Richmond Jan 2013 Rodeo Richmond 2013
 A rodeo in Richmond, near Nelson.  Good entertainment and we didn't feel concerned that any of the animals were getting hurt.  In fact, they all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Gosh, there'll be some bruises tomorrow!

Fabulous backdrop scenery don't you think?  Lots more great pics here (not mine)
Well, I always have to add the odd pic from the UK at about this time ....

and this one from our home village too ...

snow in Chedgrave Jan 2013

photo by Freda Selby
and this, from Nelson kite festival ...

Sorry folks!
Pohara Yacht Club   
Left, the Pohara Yacht Club, our MH is the one on the right.  A very nice spot for a couple of days;
Right, Mussels are unloaded at the adjacent wharf;
Centre, close up (from the middle of the pic on the right) to show the size of those bags of mussels

Now, there's something I didn't know!

Do you, like me, always put your tomatoes in the fridge?

These were the tastiest tomatoes we've had in years.

Right; Beware of lorries.  Are they kidding!
Pohara New Zealand
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