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 John and Cynthia:  Knotperfect

New Zealand   2016-2017   Page 3


Well, as many of you know, I had a few medical problems at the end of last year.  I have to say that I am totally relieved that we are in New Zealand.  OK, it cost a bit but I got seen within days at both doctors and dentists.

So now we are in Hawke's Bay visiting our stalwart friends Jan and Kev, tiki touring around, wining and dining well too.

We stopped at the isolated Patangata Tavern on the way out to the coast.   We had a good lunch at keen cost along with cool beers.  Nice.  We didn't need the courtesy pick-up as we got there in Kev's posh Land Rover.

There is a South African café and sculpture garden near Havelock North.


Those sheep are made with beads in typical African style.  I'd love one of those for my garden, that is along with several other pieces on display there.  The giraffes are made from scrap, the mane is of spark plugs.


The sphere can be rolled around the garden to please the eye.  There's no pic but a georgeous wind chime made using an old bowling ball as the striker was irrisistable

Jan's Japanese dinner was very tasty.  The dark meat under the prawns is paua (abalone) which is tricky to prepare and must be cooked either very quickly or very slowly.  Anything in between makes the flesh tough.


What a great Napier number plate.
Lunch at Elephant Hill was excellent, as always.


Beef Fillet, mushroom & spring vegetable tart, horseradish butter


Lemongrass panna cotta, coconut sorbet, brûléed pineapple, coriander (well, that's what the menu says but I think I got petals)

 Don't miss it if you are near Napier/Havelock North.


The lake at Taupo.  There was quite a breeze hence the white horses.  Seems funny to see snow and straw bales in the same shot.  Mount Ruapehu is an active volcano which last erupted in 2007.  It is said to be heating up again.

spit and cat

Ardmore.  Yes, it is a Spitfire and available for a joyride at $4000 for half an hour.  Warbird Adventure Rides  The Catalina flew the next day with paying guests too.

John finished his mermaid

Well, we are having such a very lazy time I don't really have any stories but here are a few of our photos from recent places

This is Gulf Harbour, one of our regular spots, also below

- - -

This is Huharua, above and below

where we met a circus family

The new bridge at Raglan, below.

The old one was always popular with kids to jump from it. 

I wonder if this new one  still is - it's a school day today.

 the old bridge  

Oh,I just found this pic on the net too ...  looks like it's still as popular then

I find landscapes difficult here, they're so big!

Below, the Hunua Falls.

 In March this year the country was hit by the 'Tasman Tempest' which caused lots of devastation and trapped 2 parties of schoolkids who were camping near the falls.  Photos from Stuff.

They bring them up tough!

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