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 John and Cynthia:  Knotperfect

New Zealand   2016-2017   Page 2

December 2016

After leaving Matauri Bay we paused at the top of the hill to take in the view.

On our return to Kerikeri it was time to revisit the chocolate factory, Makana.

To make our favourite confection, start with a little butter, add sugar and turn it into delicious brittle.  Then chocolate and a few nuts, turn it over and add more chocolate and a few more nuts.


Makana Macadamia butter toffee crunch  That's not going to keep until Christmas !

2 little Silvereyes outside our window warming up in the morning sun.  Sweet.

Back in Auckland ...

Ceramic painting with Han and Dan.  They had planned exactly what they wanted to paint and got fully prepared in advance.  I am so impressed with their talents and organisation.  At Paint the Earth in Auckland.


So, Christmas came and went.  That all happened so fast I didn't snap a family thing!

Below, these are pohutakawa flowers, New Zealands Christmas tree.

Here's a new view of Auckland.  That's Rangitoto, the sleeping volcano on the left and the island behind the one in the middle is Waiheke, that's famous for wine and food.  I don't know the name of the island in the foreground but when the tide is out, you can walk right out to it.  In front of us is a slipway and harbour entrance, where ...

... there are a few boats.

There is a high-speed ferry from here right into Auckland City centre. Sealink.

Godwits on the shore.  These amazing birds make the longest migration known.  One bird has been recorded as flying 11,000 kilometres non-stop from Alaska to New Zealand.  See National Geographic article.

At Ambury Farm Park, that's a favourite of ours for camping, here's something you won't see in England.


That's a sign warning children not to touch the nettles, and there are the plants in the background, in a cage!  Nettles are a rarity in New Zealand and very little here bites or stings, especially plants.  But then, we don't actually have too many savage plants in the UK either do we?

Hamilton is south of Auckland on the main SH1 road that goes down to Wellington.  A couple of nights there to catch up with friends and revisit the gardens.  There is a 3.8 km walkway right around the lake and if you are lucky, you'll catch the waterlilies blooming.


Pukeko, if you look closely you may be able to see some of these birds walking on the yellow lilies above.

and this dragon is in a garden next to the pathway.  It's also a Pokéstop!!

There are some very trendy homes in the lake area.  I just adore this driveway.

John starting on a model

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