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Continuing around the coast towards Auckland, here is Kawakawa.  Even though we are quite close to the city, some properties either by choice or necessity have their water delivered by tanker.

When you see how narrow the roads are you wonder how this chap actually gets here!

Below, this is the coast here; the trees are pohutakawa and should be beginning to flower but summer is running late this year.


Up in the city, we had a very short visit to the family.  No-one stood still long enough to get any photos but I found this monarch in the garden along with a new 'wild' visitor.


We'll be back there next week so will get family piccies then.

A quick dash northwards to Whangarei, it was quick because the weather turned very miserable.  Our usual parking wasn't available which was a shame as that is where I like to Christmas shop.  I did get lucky and see the new town bridge open - no time to set the camera up properly but you'll get the idea of why the locals have some rude names for it ...

All a bit grey - lots of wind and rain - summer is still running late!

 There were 5 windsurfers when I lined up this pic - one fell off !!


OK, so it's not quite this cold.  This is SnowPlanet, indoor skiing, snowboarding, troboggan and tube riding.  Our grandchildren loved it.


It's the first time Han and Dan have seen snow.  The same afternoon we went to Orewa beach.  The Kiwis think us Brits are funny having a washing-up bowl.  We say, we can't be without one, what would you make sand pies in if you didn't have one?


Dan plays for the Junior Breakers.  The (full-size) Breakers are the national basketball team.   The Juniors won this match 11 - 1 and Dan scored 6 of the goals and he was awarded Player of the Day.  Naturally we are extremely proud of him.  That's Dan with the ball.


Christmas Day; Santa left footprints and skid marks on the lawn.  Must have been in a hurry.

Parcels werre pretty much done by 7.20 a.m.  You hadn't even gone to bed yet in UK.
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