Norfolk, England  
These are our little houses in Norfolk.  We live in the one on the left !!
Above right; the bird-house in the folly garden
Chedgrave      Chedgrave Church
Chedgrave church, close to our house

This is Chedgrave Pits close to our house.  Apart from being a great playground, it's a good venue for travelling theatre and other special events.

All Saints church is in the background.  That's the new bit, the oldest part has been in use for 1000 years. 
11th Century wall paintings were recently found in the vestry and there is evidence that the Romans used the site, possibly for military purposes.

Summer 2011

Left:  Cynthia occasionally does flowers for the church

This is the space between John's workshop and Cynn's camper parking space.

John built the pergola, which involved laminating the curves at ground level, then lifting and fixing the curve at the top of the posts.

2011 Spring was very warm and dry so lots of our english plants got confused. 

 Foxgloves only made it to 1 metre, lots of plants flowered one month early and the roses were wonderful.
 We also had solar panels installed on the roof during July 2011. 

OK, it's long-term pay-back and that's all being well but it's certainly better return than the bank is paying on cash.  Can but try, eh?  

Currently making about £5 per day.
Lots of wild duck visit our very small garden pond.  This particular duck has a tendancy to abandon her ducklings here.  This year, 2012, she has turned up with 14 so we are keeping our fingers crossed that she has become a better mother.