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New Zealand: 2022-2023
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Maybe this building may re-open after all

Rotorua Museum (temporarily closed) and statuary beside.

I have long feared that the museum may never re-open, but, according to the sign boards nearby, it may open again in 2025

Enough already ......  What about this then? ....

Is it a Bunga-lorry?

My first thought was, "How do you get food from the supermarket?", but actually, the lorry cab is no bigger than a standard ute (pick-up), just taller.  Nice toy eh.  On a Volvo please note.

Then the rains really began, Friday, 27th January 2023, Auckland was hit hard.  24.5 cm, that's just over 9.5 inches in 24 hours.  Matt's mum had to leave her home as did friends, who actually had to swim out with their twin youngsters.  Very, very scary.  Their house has been orange stickered, that means that it is uninhabitable but can be entered when it is safe to do so.

Road collapse  The motorway 

Tristram Ave (middle line on the direction board) is Deb and Matt's exit from the motorway. 

And the airport Airport

We were miles away and really didn't see much drama, just some noisy nights, heavy rain is loud in a camper!

We drove through to Paeroa on Feb 2nd and the road was surrounded by huge areas of water and some was still on the road too.  We also had a few more shakes from the Te Aroha fault, we were closer this time, about 12 miles away.

Quake report

(the previous one was January 4th, a 5.1 at the same location.  We were about 30 miles away that time.)
The strength of quakes takes the depth into consideration, the more shallow, the more severe.

This was nothing compared to the dreadful devastation in Turkey and Syria later in February.

We were in Auckland by the time that hit and conveniently holed up at Deb and Matt's to await the next cyclone.  That is expected to begin tomorrow (Feb 12th 2023) so everyone is stocking up on supplies in case it turns out to be as bad as is forecast.

sandbag filling Auckland

sandbag filling at an Auckland park

Cyclong Gabrielle 13 Feb 2023

Not quite here yet !! (Monday morning, 13 Feb 2023)

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