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New Zealand: February 2020

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Heading north from Napier there is a small town that many would pass though without a blink

Wairoa.  We met several local delights and had a good look around this time.

Look at these facades!  I loved the little yellow one.  The pink one is an art gallery with local works very proudly presented.

There's lots to see and do, even a fire devastated building has been beautified..

That one above is truly 3D, and even the real trees are art forms

How georgeous is that tree?  Pokémon, gotta be?


This is not the first time that we have planned to stay in Gisborne for a few days, this time we stayed for 10.

(Now, I'm fairly sure you will have to scroll sideways to see all of this pic)

Not only is this my favourite view, the 3 ships out there tell a story.  Sadly, this is the time of the coronavirus.  Those ships are loggers which carry New Zealand wood to China.  Everything is backed up because there are no port workers in China to unload them, or so we are led to believe.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the fabulous weather here.

Gisborne weather


Captain Cook landed right here in 1769

Cook Landing

Those structures are all steel with woven rope embriodered in it, the detail below is from the screen above

- - ----------- - -

Another local we encountered, on the high street, right outside the library, was one of these!

white tail spider

It was heading for John's foot.  I thought it was a big ant - then I saw it properly.  I told him to stamp on it but John hesitated and it escaped!!  We decided it was time to walk further, and faster.

It's a white-tail spider and venomous though probably not deadly.  It was this big.

white-tail size

more soon ....

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