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New Zealand: Nov 2019 to January 2020

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The story of Ruru

The story of Ruru

In Māori tradition, the Ruru (morepork) was seen as a watchful guardian. It belonged to the spirit world as it is a bird of the night. Although the more-pork or ruru call was thought to be a good sign, the high pitched, piercing, 'yelp' call was thought to be an ominous forewarning of bad news or events.

Rotorua Council have taken the story to emphasize road safety, see the link here

I cannot, however, make out the connection of this georgeous scupture to the story.

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Katikati (yet again!)

There is so much in this little town it draws us back regularly.  It is also the main route from Tauranga to Auckland.  The traffic is diabolical!

I've written about the murals before and here is one more with a story.

Katikati kiwifruit mural

(You might need to scroll sideways a bit to see all of it)

This is an amazing mural, and it is all a mural, there are no people standing in front of it, they're painted!
It depicts the history of kiwi fruit growing in the area around Katikati.
Kiwifruit growing developed from a backyard novelty into a billion dollar industry.
The first vines were grown around 1952 and by 1978 New Zealand earned $10 million per year from kiwi.
But then the price plummeted. The growers persevered and new varieties were developed and grown. Today, the industry earns around $1 billion annually and Katikati is a thriving kiwifruit centre which uses new technology and automation to keep prices competitive.

The Haiku Pathway

Is a beautiful riverside walk that features many rocks with Haiku poetry carved into them.  I'm not sure I 'get' Haiku but it's all very lovely.

Haiku stone

Official link here but these are some of my favourites

Sulphur Point at Rotorua is a good freedom camping spot.

This work, which is right outside our window, is about bliss. It's about the total relaxation and contemplation possible in Rotorua's thermal pools

The pic above is of the midges,  also right outside our window.  Lots of them, but they don't seem to bite!


No visit to Napier is complete (for us) without a meal at Elephant Hill

There's a new chef and opening hours but the food is still to our liking, which I forgot to photo before we had attacked it.  So yummy...

While we were in Napier, we took the opportunity to get new carpet.  I've only been hankering after this for 3 years.  I just couldn't decide on the colour.  Well, our friend Smillie took one look and had no doubt, this is it.  We love it too.

Jo at Rob's Rugs did the cutting and edging.  Great and efficient service and a delight to find her.  We bought the piece of carpet at Carpet Discounters, see John Magill.  All in Onekawa district of Napier.

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