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After Christmas we chose to escape and relax at a place called Ray's Rest.  It is a popular spot for motorhomers, though you would wonder why.  It used to be dazzlingly white as the shore is nothing but seashells.  It's getting toned down a bit these days, mud is encroaching from the estuary.  Still, we always find good company and it's close to the famous Kaiaua fish and chip shop and the magical Miranda hot pools.  Above, the generous folk who caught and gifted our flounder supper and more to take away too.  Yes, the fishing can be very good if you know how!  Smillie cooked for us yet again.  Well, her galley is bigger than ours.


We had more for another day too.  Here at Anzac Bay, another fab spot.



Below; This chart has just been released by Geonet, I thought you might find it interesting?
New Zealand certainly rocks.

We couldn't decide which way to go next so we went to the middle (of the North Island) to toss a coin.

That's Hamilton - actually, our lovely friends Barbara and Ernie were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and we were invited to the party.  While there, we revisited the Gardens, a few pics...


That has to be the ultimate carpet bedding.

Fabulous cannas, I really love the vibrant orange/red with almost black leaves, Wow!



Next, a few days in Taupo and we managed to get one of the much favoured free-camping spots right on the lake edge, in the middle of the town.  This was the view ...

and although in town, it was remarkably quiet at night.  On top of that, it is FREE.  The council realise that most visitors will actually spend money in the local shops and restaurants, the only stipulation is that you must have a certificated motorhome.

On to Napier, this photo was taken with our new dashboard camera


Lunch at The Mission with friend Joan.  Really good food and friendly staff.  Below, next years vintage coming along nicely. 
NZ kingfishers are land feeders so often nowhere near water.


Then southwards, the only drama on the way was this crashed tractor, pic taken with the dash-cam

We met up with friends Les and Carol in Masterton, the pics below were taken on a very short walkabout at Mount Holdsworth.



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