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Lake Taupo from Tokaanu
Top:  The view from the back window at Tokaanu, and

Below: The view from the front window at the same location.  That's the hillside steaming, which just shows how thin the earth's crust is about here.  No need to worry while all these vents are letting off steam.  It's when they stop and build up pressure you should begin to worry!

There are also several hot pools in the area.

We were at 530 metres above sea level.
Steaming hillside near Tokaanu
Mount Ruapehu from the Desert Road

We passed to the east of Mount Ruapehu driving on the Desert Road on our way south.

Caught this pic but it needs sound.  This train blew it's whistle all the way across the viaduct; one of those Great Western wonderful whoopy whistles, it was magic !  We found out it was a special train, and was full of scouts who had been attending a huge jamboree at Feilding.

Down in Masterton, our friends Les and Carol have just bought another motorhome (on the left) and it didn't have a manual!  Just about everything is electric, roof hatches, step, valves, etc.  Then there is heating by gas, electric and diesel, the engine runs on diesel and/or LPG.  We shared the exploration of the beast, all the switches and gadgets.  It was all great fun.  Then they told us about their grandson's success with his music and the local nightclub where the family have an interest.  It all looks good to us.  If you're in Masterton, do give them a look.  King Street Live

     King Street Live

These pics are from their website.
Next, a couple of days at Morrison's Bush.      Lovely bird watching, we even had a bellbird singing in the Kanuka tree beside us.  Oh, and no, I haven't enhanced the colour of the sky!
Above; bellbird, fantail and magpies, all viewed from our window  (Not these photos though!).

Next, we met up with Lynn and Ivan in Carterton.  Lynn creates the flower decorations for   Wharekauhau Lodge   and invited me to help her for a day.  We also enjoyed staying with them on their driveway for a couple of nights.  It was all lots of fun for us.


Lynn and I picked all those flowers from her, and friends, gardens by the way.

On to Napier where we had an excellent lunch at Kilim, a Turkish restaurant on Hastings Street (the website is the Petone branch, Napier doesn't have it's own but you'll get the idea).

Then chilling overnight at Clive by the river where we were entertained by the rowers, jetskis and these guys ...
It's canoe polo but I would call it murderball on water!  Needless to say everyone got wet.

I have just found a great link to a blog about speaking Kiwi.  Yes, it is a different language and I still struggle with it at times.  Enjoy this

Looks like a household with lots of friends?  But what's that to the right?  Oh, my mistake, it's not a house, it's the airport at Taupo! 
The plane is an Air New Zealand city hopper.

We visited the prawn farm for the first time.  Prawns are bred and grown using warm water heated by waste water from the natural steam power station in Taupo.  We learned all about the feisty little fellas from Scott, our guide.  On the right are the growing ponds where you are allowed to fish for your supper.  In the background you can just see some of the pipework carrying steam to the power station.  Oh, and John was misbehaving.


Below,  full circle from the photo taken from the Desert road further up the page.  This view is from the north end of Lake Taupo.  Look closely and you'll see Mount Ruapehu as seen from the Taupo side.


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