The Giblings in New Zealand 2012 - 2013


November 2012

Arriving at Paeroa we saw the aftermath of the devastating fire that destoyed 14 motorhomes last month.  We are so thankful that our 'Tantalus' was stored in a different shed to the one totally destroyed.  Our friends Jan and Keven were not so lucky.  The centre pic is all that remained of their lovely American RV. 

Covi, the insurance company used by most of the motorhome owners, paid out very quickly.  Below left is the MH Jan and Kev bought to replace their big American model.  It is an identical model to our Tantalus, the smaller 'van will suit their lifestyle better now that they are not full-time on the road.. 
Right; rainbow over the old shed at Paeroa.

Above; a fabulous Ford(?) at Ray's Rest, a great overnight free camping spot.  It's just a couple of kilometers away from Kaiaua fish and chip shop.  We had 3 pieces of hoki (had only asked for 2 but always seem to get 3)and chips for $7.60.  Delicious.

Sunset at Ambury Park, an Auckland Regional Park quite close to the airport.  Very good place to stay, costs $12 pppn unless you have one of the annual passes for all the parks, this year $123

Below; Mount Tongariro had a little rumble on 21st November, just to keep us all interested.

Tongariro eruption 21 Nov 2012

Lots to see at the Santa Parade. 

Great make up, Chinese dragons, lots of noise,
3 pipe bands, heavy horses. 

Stilt walkers.

Cuddly tigers

Cat in a hat


Paper streamers

The very wonderful
Clown Doctors


Matt and Deb stake a claim to a bit of kerbside
ready for the Santa Parade in Auckland. 
Matt, my hero, took a chair for me!

Great make up   Chinese dragons

Santa flies into in Auckland
Tiger escapes from the zoo  

Clown Doctors are just magic!
Hannah at the santa Parade Ticka-tape in the wind.  Kids love it!   
Several people have asked me about prices here.
I did a small shop the other day so here are some items from my receipt;

Watties Tomato Sauce 560g   $3.99 (£2)
800g Rolled oats $2.99 (£1.50)
200g Espresso Coffee (Robert Harris) $7.19 (£3.60)
1 Lt Long Life milk $2.99 (£1.50)
Beef Scotch fillet $29 per kg (£6.50 per lb)
250g fresh strawberries $2.99
1 kg mandarins $5.79 (£2.90)
25 slim sticks of asparagus $2.99
500g smoked bacon $14.35 (£7.20)
1 kg Hazelnut yogurt $5.29 (£2.65)
Medium size cooked chicken $15.49 (£7.75)
Bloomer style loaf $2.85 (£1.45)
NZ Merlot $9.99 (£5)
Aussie Shiraz $9.99
French Rhone $13.99 'La Vielle Ferme'  (£7)  Costs us £6.40 in UK

Diesel, on special because I spent $200 in store, $1.26 lt (63p) usually $1.51 (75p)
Bottled gas $2.03 lt (£1)
Quote from the NZ Herald on 7 Dec....

"People visiting cafes, restaurants and liquor stores in the lead up to Christmas helped lift the country's electronic spend last month, according to latest figures.

Credit and debit card spending through the Paymark electronic network, which processes about 75 per cent of all transactions in New Zealand, rose 1 per cent in November compared to the previous month.

Kiwis' total spending was 4.6 per cent higher in terms of annual growth compared to November 2011.

Figures suggest the party season is getting underway, with spending jumping annually at cafes and restaurants by 9.3 per cent and liquor retailers by 10 per cent.

This sharp increase could in part be attributed to November 2012 having one more Friday than November last year, 'and the Giblings arrival here' said Paymark's head of sales and marketing Paul Whiston."

(NB Note the quote marks)

A short visit to Great Barrier Island Great Barrier Island (Aotea Island) is the ancestral land of the Ngati Rehua hapu of Ngati Wai.  It is the southeastern outpost of the tribal rohe of the Ngati Wai iwi Aotea taonga maha: Aotea the island of many treasures
Great Barrier Island Great Barrier Island Great Barrier Island
Motairehe, Katherine Bay

Motairehe overlooking Katherine Bay
Awana Bay (I think)
Jan and Keven made us very welcome and showed us fabulous places
Brenda's garden

Cockles and pipis gathered one day are left in a bucket of seawater overnight so that they spit out any residual sand.  A quick steam before deshelling and adding to a delicious cream sauce.

Below; it was a good plan to rent a 4x4!  The wood is to help get over a boggy bit.

Shopping for the weekly groceries can be a bit different here.  This order (far-right) just arrived from the mainland.  It's not all Jan's of course!

Brenda, who lives at Motairehe, has a couple of baches available if you'd like to stay.  Paul might take you fishing or pig hunting if you like.  There's a trek through the bush to a little waterfall nearby.  (I'll add their link very soon)

Police called to help penguin on Wellington motorway

A  little blue penguin is back where it belongs after causing trouble on a Wellington motorway this morning. (19 Dec12)

It spent more than an hour in the middle of State Highway 2 - between four lanes of traffic on the Ngauranga flyover.

Police officers came to the rescue with a rolling block to slow traffic down.

Then, as an officer approached, the penguin calmly jumped down and tottered across the road, across the railway tracks and into the harbour.

In the run up to Christmas we are let loose with Hannah and Daniel

Shakespear beach 2012
Petting aligator !

It's amazing what you can find to do with the grandies; Sticks, stones, a petting aligator, a peacock, and ...    (just kidding)

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