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Rock formation at Hikurangi (left) was formed by erosion.

The original surface level would have been higher than the top of the rocks and has been
disolved away by acid rain

Right and below right; Parua Bay

 Below left and centre; Wairua Falls.  This is the nearest we have ever parked to a waterfall.  We think the colour of the water here is caused by tannins.

A childrens' playground in Dargaville

The swings are hanging from the bowsprit, one is the anchor (far left)

and the child (right) can also be seen in the centre of the main picture; this boat is BIG!

Right:  Meet James at Recreational Concepts in Whangarei.  Two very full days work and Cynthia is at last happy with the smallest room in Tantalus.  James' attention to details and knowledge of potential problems assured us that we again made the right choice of where to get the work done.

Note that John is standing on a 12" block !

   Recreational Concepts in Whangarei  
An art centre at Henderson provides walls for young artists to spray.  Personally, I think they are fabulous.

Throughout the country art knows no bounds and it seems that nothing is ever thrown away.

New Zealand certainly strives to be a zero waste country in ingenious ways.
Left: The fabulous 1961 Lincoln Continental originally owned by singer Mary Pickford and now by John and Wendy Hallen who also provide a great POP near Whangamata for NZMCA members.

Their avocado orchard is one of our favourite stopovers.

Just don't eat too many avocados or you could look like Ruby  (right and below right)

Kiwi fruit (below) season will begin soon
I just love all the personal reggo plates, here's some more that I have seen ...

SAIL IN       WING IT        SPOILT       YOHOYO       NB MAD

FLOORD      KERMET      X DOT X     TOY 4 2      MA TANG
Filo Spiral - pumpkin, cumin and spinach in a crispy filo spiral topped with coriander yoghurt dressing We revisited Go Vino restaurant at Cook's Beach. 

The food was delicious again.  The cooking is based on Kaizen; Kai is the Maori word for food and Zen here suggests that each plate is a stand alone dish designed to enlighten the senses.

There's a good atmosphere too, all very casual and relaxed.

In fact, we stayed for 2 nights
so that we could have 2 meals !!

 Go Vino 

Make a special trip, in our opinion, it's worth it.
Gurnard - bound with smoked salmon - on parmesan and mustard polenta chips
Flaxmill Bay, near Cook's Beach is a nesting site for the New Zealand Dotterill, a sweet little shore bird. 

Not a bad place to be living I'd say. 

Clever little bird.
Below; Waihi is the gold town

Detail from an information board near the working mine today

the 3rd pic is a close up of top left of the 2nd, and the last one is of
aa truck the same size as the ones working in pic no 3

Those first 2 miners will be very cross with themselves
We discovered a   Quarry Park,  run by volunteers
in the same way that the Plantation Garden in Norwich, UK is run.

 I won't bore you with all the pics I took but here is a selection ...
Explosives Keep Out
A great place for kids to explore, even netting on the nettles.  The tile path is an interesting fund raising idea if you know someone with a kiln.  There are 2685 tiles in this path.

Below; the beginning of Sydney Opera House - thank you Debbie + Matt !

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