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On the way northwards, we returned to the Waikite hot springs campsite for a swim and a night 'steam watching'.     Sooo fascinating and pretty scary too.     This was our third visit and discovered a walk to a viewing platform of the boiling spring itself.     Yes, it's really boiling.     Out of the ground it's 98 degrees Celsius and 40-50 litres per second!    The management here cools the waters by several ingenius ways, including a 20ft fountain, before it is piped into delightful pools.     The swimming pool in pic 4 was 37 degrees.

Waikite Stream walkway    The boiling spring

hot stream    The Garden Pool at Waikite


One of our favourite places here is Rerewhakaaitu Lake.     Sometimes you get to meet some great characters there too.

Rerewhakaaitu Lake    Interesting encounters

Rotorua was actually a bit quieter than usual

Rotorua    Roturua


We stayed at the Trout Stream campsite again. This time we got drawn into the fishing.     More about that later....

Waiteti Holiday Park    The fishing lesson with Harvey


Friday, the 13th wasn't a lucky day.     It was lucky that we did hear that the engine had a problem before we actually broke down.     So we got stuck in Whakatane for a few where do you go from there without the camper.....?

Vulcan Helicopters    White Island    It's expected to blow up sometime quite soon

The noise is quite scary    So beautiful too    Makes you feel like a flea on the back of the planet

The helicopter is circled    This boiling mud has appeared in the last 2 weeks    The water in the crater is rising by 1 metre a week

Sorry there's lots of that but it was awesome.     One day, maybe soon, White Island won't be there any more ....

.... Back in Whakatane, there is the world's first vertigraph ..... I kid you not, look!

Tiled staircase in Whakatane    Tiled staircase in Whakatane    Tiled staircase in Whakatane

and so, we continued on to the 'Nut House' cafe. Great coffee, views and macadmia nuts

Busy Lizzies grown as perennials    East Cape view   View from Simpson's Beach

Crowded pool at Sapphire Springs    Magic tree    Evening in Hahei

Sapphire Springs hot pool wasn't busy and we got bored with swimming .... Our favourite stop in Hahei

We returned to Papa Aroha where our friend Jan went fishing. They actually (accidentally) caught a (big, I'd say) shark. They managed to beat if off and returned safely. No pics cos I wasn't there. I was photographing the sunset.



Finally, to Auckland for Hannah's birthday.

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