portugal 2019

Braganca.  It was hot!  We did manage the steep uphill hike to the local village and found a really good restaurant.  In fact, we did it twice.

Braganca Town entrance

You can just see the restaurant through the gateway.

Octopus meal

Exploring from our campsite just to the north of Porto, we were very happy to arrive at a small fishing village and then to find a café that smelled wonderful.  There were lots of tables but no people.  So we went in.  Having chosen some fish from the trayfull offered to us, the whole place suddenly filled with fishermen.  I was the only female in there apart from the staff.  It was obviously THE place to eat.  The fish and the atmosphere was fabulous.


Next, we ventured onto the local train into Porto.  We walked miles and found very touristy places and many interesting corners and buildings.

Porto Central Square

Cobbled roads in Porto

Most of the roads are cobbled in this style

Cat mural in Porto, Pokéstop

The cat is a Pokéstop, we wouldn't have found this without Pokémon!

and the  Railway Station ... WOW

Porto Station

Porto Station

A detail from the tiling, these scenes are made from thousands of individual beautiful tiles.

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