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While at the aire in Ste Croix we met Paul and Trish who were travelling in the same direction as us.   We all consulted the map and decided to take the low road along the Gorge de Verdon.  Paul and Trish left first.  We followed about 1/2 hour later and passed them having breakfast on one of the stops along the way.  A little later, we realised that we were on the wrong road - we were on the high road, not the low road.   Would you believe it, our new friends had made the same mistake.  We decided it was a lucky mistake as we all felt the views were far better.  We were on the outside edge of the gorge and so had views right down into the depths.    Trish took some photos so I'm sharing them with you all - thanks Trish, great pics.

Bridge across the Lac  de Sainte Croix   The river Verdon
I think the bridge in the first one must be on the low road and if you look closely there is a line on the below left pic.  I think that must be the low road again!
On the right below, this is the road we took - the easy one!
The Gorge de Verdon   Gorge de Verdon
Below left, our road again
And here we are safely at a funny little campsite at Comps sur Artuby.

Next, we went to GRASSE.  That's a town near Nice that is the centre of perfume making in France.
Sadly, it was just too hot to enjoy properly and so found a campground with a really nice pool and restaurant.  Views too.
Les Gorges Du Loup at Le Bar sur Loup.  Recommended.

We returned to Grasse to visit
Molinard for a tour of their old house and an insight into perfume making.  This was recommended to me by David at Amouage.  Thank you David, it was well worth the second trip.
Grasse   Molinard
We thought it might be a little cooler in Aups.  We were wrong!
Aups weather
so we tried the coast
La Grande Motte  
all the car parks have height barriers.  If we can't park, we can't spend our euros can we?

Continuing westwards we found the village of Faugères and from there the tiny Roquessels, but not by chance.  We had read about an English owned winery, Domaine des Trinités.  Simon Coulshaw made us very welcome and told us his story.  He grew up in France and was making wine by the age of 17.  Having studied properly at university and learned about terroir he needed to find the right place for his own domain.  It is here.  His wines are made with as little intervention as possible and we think they taste clean and pure.

Roquessels    Trinites wines 

Next, it was back to our old haunts in the Midi-Pyrennees and stayed at the campground in Marcillac.  They also make great wine in the area.  There are also several waterfalls, here's the one at Salles la Source (below, left)
   Do Up ?  camera
On our way northwards, we spotted a great do-up opportunity, (centre) and a very mean speed camera.  Who is going to be looking at their speedo here?

Time for a bit of height, it was HOT in France.  This is July 2015 and well into the 30s

This guy is road skiing.  Well, I suppose he's got wheels on those skis so must be allowed on the road ???  We are at 1300 metres.

On to Bourges.  We LIKE Bourges ...
We discovered the city when my French teacher told the class where she was from.  Thank you Mme Dunbar.
About 3 years ago we also discovered a restaurant with a Michelin star.  It was good.  Now the owners have decided to change their concept and the food is still great and everything is freshly prepared and cooked.  Not such a big menu now but still plenty to choose from, and yes, you can taste that it's all fresh.
La suite Bourges   La suite restaurant
You might just have to keep your eyes open to find it.  50 rue Bourbonnoux. 
La suite. 

Now, what do you think of this ?  This monster rig had a double slide-out on the other side and just 2 pairs of shoes outside the door.
My French isn't up to asking for a peek inside


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