France 2015

We do like to travel in good company, here are some pics of this years' travel companions.  We did let these guys go first once we got to France, it's only polite.

Ferrari at Folkestone   Lambor

A couple of nights later, here we are at Montherme.  This is a brand new aire right beside the Meuse.  Nice.



Many styles of architecture, cats and owls.  It's a really good city to walk around.  Below, this is the main shopping street. 


The fancy tiles are typical of this region.  I suppose when this was built one couldn't show off with a Lamborghini so you would have needed to have a posh roof.


We found a great restaurant for lunch right beside the covered market, DZ 'Envies There is a good variety of food on offer, we chose the local specialities including Boeuf Bourguignon that was unbelieveably tender and must have been cooked for hours but it was still pink.

Onwards through Commercy where blue cows are de rigeur, whatever turns you on, eh?  The white ones didn't seem to mind.


On through wine country ....  strange machines on the road and land so precious that even the roundabouts are planted with vines.

Vine maintenance
vines on roundabout

On to LYON, a funicular ride to oversee the city before finding the famous food market for lunch

Lyon from Fourviere

Funicular Lyon   Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse
on towards PROVENCE
The lavendar smells amazing and at last, sunflowers.
Lavender in Provence   Sunflowers in Provence

and here's something completely different.  On arriving at Lac de Sainte Croix, 2 military flying boats had just landed.

aircraft on Lac de Sainte Croix

This lake was created for a hydro-electric power scheme and several farms were flooded to create it.  Now, it not only provides power for a large area it is a great playground that attracts tourists from France and more.   €7 to park the camper overnight, we're happy with that!  Just look at the views ........

Ste Criox de Verdon  

Ste Croix de Verdon France

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