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Norfolk 2012

I have combined Norfolk and France this year because our friends from New Zealand came to visit Norfolk and then travelled with us in France.


Wroxham Norfolk

Meet Grant and Smillie (left) on their first visit to the Norfolk Broads.

Below; Thursford's wonderful steam museum and Sandringham House where we looked through the house but no photos are allowed indoors.

France 2012

Grant and Smillie rented a motorhome from France Motorhome Hire.  It's an almost new model and all the staff speak English!  Good price too.
We collected it from their location near Montargis, 90k south of Paris.  It's the second MH from the left below.  This is the aire at Briare.  It overlooks the canal.

Below, left and centre, Briare's amazing canal viaduct.  Right, a nice catch at Lailly-en-Val
This is Chambord Chateau.  It has to have the most mixed up architecture in France?

Chambord France
Above; Cheverny Chateau has been in the same family for 6 generations ... ... So good to see a house furnished with stuff accumulated by one family ..
...  and although I am not normally a 'doggy' person, their hounds won me over instantly.

Below; Bourges.  Well worth a visit.  An evening walkabout rewarded us with some fabulous sights.
    Flowers in Bourges centre    Amuse bouche at le d'Antan Sancerrois in Bourges    Bourges, France; cathedral and gardens
A meal at Le d'Antan Sancerrois included two amuse-bouches at the beginning of the meal, yes two, 'Surprize'!   The whole lunch was wonderful.
Bourges flowers Surprize !

Entraygrues campground
Entraygues, again.  This cow is looking for something - not sure what ?

Estaing France
Maserati in Estaing 

13th century bridge, Estaing
Big bug

Above left; a lorry crosses the 13th centuary bridge in Estaing.  Centre; a big beetle kept us company for a while.  Above right; Mistletoe just out of reach!

Below; Souillac (handy tip for vanilla pods) and Montignac (houses built into the rock)
Souillac Souillac Montignac

Azay le Rideau chateau France   Left;

The chateau at

Golden and fabulous finials

Tapestry woven in 1700

Just one more chateau ...


Versailles of course.  I took 140 photos and loved every minute of the 7 hours we were there !
Three million people visit Versailles each year, I think they were all there today!
The fountain above was cast in 1668 by the way

The very crowded Hall of mirrors is totally overshadowed by the wonderful fountains Enceladus, leader of the giants, was defeated by Jupiter. 
His final curse is symbolised by a massive jet of water. 
Detail from a painting of Louis-Phillipe,
I just love the horse!
and finally ...  Grant can have the Maserati, I'll settle for the McLaren.  Waiting with an Aston and a Porche for the tunnel crossing.

On second thoughts, couldn't get much wine in that could we ?  Think we'll stick with our Merc.