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We've been to Piha several times but we've never found this spot before.

We had it all to ourselves too.  How's that for a kitchen! 

Councils all over New Zealand maintain parks like this, large and small.  Many of them have BBQs like this one.  (Most have a roof)     All you have to do is press a button and the gas fired hot plate will heat for 10 minutes or so, then you just press the button again periodically until you've finished with it.  No payment needed. 

The waterfall is 3/4 hour walk from here.     
Kitekite Falls near Piha New Zealand


Saw a roadside sign today,   Pony Poo    PYO   There's optimism for you

Back in Auckland we were on grandchildren minding duties for the 4 days up to Christmas.  Did we ever have as much energy as they have?



Christmas Day; Santa had parked on the lawn and brought the presents in leaving snowy footprints.  Lots for everyone, Yippee.


Later friends and family visited and some stayed for the day.  The red circle shows where Skytower is, also inset.  Steve doubles as a bouncy castle.


Left; a train set in a Christmas tree

Right; a house dedicated to Christmas, every room, even the garage.

Below; Auckland New Year fireworks

How to speak New Zilland

A is for Arm
Uttered while thinking
B is for Bull
What you're charged for the meal
C is for Cuds
D is for Dawer
How you get into a room
E is for Ear
What we breathe
F is for Fush
Sea creatures
G is for Guess
Used for cooking or heating
H is for Hull
Land which isn't flat
I is for Ice cream
Goes with chocolate from Kerikeri
J is for Jug
Type of Irish dance
K is for Katikati
Mural town in the east
L is for Lust
Something you write
before going shopping
M is for Morepork
Actually an owl
N is for Nutter
To have a yarn
O is for One doze
A pane of glass in a wall
P is for Pigs
Found on a clothes line
Q is for Quad
A British pound coin
R is for Rung
Piece of jewellery
S is for Sucks
The number after five
T is for Tin
The number after nine
U is for Undies
West Undies.  Good at cricket
V is for Volley
Area between two hulls
W is for Windy
A girls name
X is for Xylophone
It's the same in any langwudge
  Y is for Yuppie
An expression of delight
Z is for Zubra
Stripey horse at the zoo

Any amendments to   please

hunua falls   hunua falls  

above left;  Hunua Falls   right; waterlillies at Waihi

below from left; avocado trees at John & Wendy Hallen's Whangamata POP, a praying mantis (about 2 cm long) and a skylark's nest

         skylark nest

Simpsons Beach   Simpson's Beach

Simpsons Beach campground was busy but
there was still plenty of room on the beach.

Didn't fancy a swim though ...
Sharks at Matarangi

We've driven past the Bird Gardens at Katikati several times over the years.  We had missed a treat.  John got mugged by the doves, the goose was a mottled grey, with a lime green bill, pink legs and black feet.  Make unknown!  The last one is a caged kea.  That's the best pic I could get through the wire.

 John gets mugged by a dove   Bird Garden at Katikati   A Kea at Katikati Bird Gardens

Next, we found a new POP.  Ian breeds alpacas and lives in a great spot which he shares with us Wingers.  Thank you Ian.   It had rained overnight before I took these pics
I was very tempted to get the hairdryer out !  Aren't they sweet?


Opape Beach;  we met a wonderful family who introduced us to 'damper'.  That's scone mix, no sugar, wrapped on a stick and cooked over a driftwood fire.  When it's nicely browned and crisp, slide it off the stick, push a marshmallow into the hole at one end and fill the remaining space with jam or syrup.  It's very good.  As you can see, all the children love it.  Thank you Derek, Donna, Joshua, Victoria and Hannah.  We all had a great time.

      Happy Hour at Opape  

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